Sweet Valentine - Bridal Bouquet
Sweet Valentine - Bridal Bouquet
Sweet Valentine - Bridal Bouquet
Sweet Valentine - Bridal Bouquet

Sweet Valentine - Bridal Bouquet

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Size:Large (38cm x 38cm)

Sweet Valentine - Bridal Bouquet

Love, passion, desire - captured in a bouquet. Made with 100% real touch materials, the realism and softness of these flowers are unmatched. 

We value quality. That's why we used 100% real touch flowers to create these bouquets. The bouquet handle is perfected with a red cotton ribbon. 

No need to stress that your everfresh bouquet will look like a cheap, crusty, falling apart bunch of torn flowers like those from cheap websites. 

Our bouquets are delicately handmade by our floral artists from the ABSOLUTE highest quality materials that are available on the market. In fact, the quality is so high, that no one will be able to tell you have an everlasting bouquet. 

You get to save money, have a beautiful wedding keepsake, AND with no one suspecting a thing! Tell us about getting the best of all worlds!

Materials: 100% real touch flowers, cotton ribbon on bouquet handle

You can order as early as you'd like!

The flowers are very sturdy and last very well in storage. We recommend keeping them away from direct sunlight and moisutre for best results

Many of our brides order as early as 1.5 years ahead if they are certain on the style

It's a big benefit to order well ahead of time and know you have your flowers sorted!

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